Hachijojima Island

We are hachijojima agricultural cooperative.(JA) Our island has a tropical atmosphere and the climates is always spring.

About JA Hachijojima

About JA Hachijojima

JA Hachijo's history

April 2001, 7JA including izuilands and ogasawaraislands mergered and we started as JA Tokyo Tousyo. Then we carried out the separation and independence , and restarted 2021 April as JA Hachijojima.

Business Overview

Guidance Business
Hachijoisland located on the southern sea 287Km away from Tokyo. So it is deifferent from the mainland regarding the topography,weather, and transportation. And we are confronting agricultural population decrease due to declining birthrate an aging population. We should take advantage of the characteristics of our island. So we cooperate with government to stable farming activities. And we should address food safety.
Mutual Aid
For union member and local residents, we should respond to risk of their life, we provide the service of comprehensive insurance for health,house and cars. We provide safety and satisfaction of each and everyone as a partner of their life.
Supplying Business
For agricultural production and dailylife, we provide materials and livingware. By planned purchasing, we will able to provide low price and good quality thing.
Agricultural Product Business
We sell the agricultural and livestook products, produced in our service area on behalf of farmers. Like a bridge of farmers and consumers, we contribute farmer’s income improvement and provide fresh and safe agricultural products.
Utilization Business
We provide farming facilities and equipment for farmers so that they could farm efficiently.
Credit Business
JA’s credit business is including collection of saving , extension of loans and exchange transactions, for the porpose is to contribute to farmers and local residents as their life infrastructure.



weekday 8:30 a.m.~5:00 p.m.
Sat. 8:30 a.m.~12:00 noon

*Closed on holidays, Sundays, and New Year's holidays